Nendo : Kaleidoscopic Ivy

On the occasion of the 90 years of the School Sogestsu, specializing inthe ikebana - Japanese ancestral floral art - the organization organizes the exhibition "Hana So". An event crowned by a monumental installation reflectingnendo studio, metal reinterpretation of local vegetation.

In a stone environment designed by visual artist Isamu Noguchi, the design team led by Oki Sato crawls a unique ivy, consisting of 40 000 diamond-shaped stainless steel mirror finish. These air vines take possession of the place, like vegetation in a forest.


Thanks to the kaleidoscopic nature of the whole, the floral compositions that are placed there enjoy a new appreciation. The mirrors melt away the colors and shapes, creating an atypical mosaic, situated between tradition and Impressionism. In this work we find the taste for poetry and the delicacy of the Japanese studio which articulates to perfection industrial material and plants, living matter and stars of the place.

"With this exhibition commemorating our 90th anniversary, I think I have achieved the goal of" defying something new ", which is a first step towards our centenary", Akane Teshigahara, Director of Sogestsu School

With this achievement, nendo proves that even a discipline as old as ikebana can always be reinvented and remain modern despite its antiquity.

To learn more, visit the site of nendo

Photographs: Kozo Sekiya

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